An air duct cleaning service may not seem urgent, but there are several great benefits of keeping this area clean. Wherever air travels, dust and debris accompany it. That includes along floors, on furniture and shelves, and in your system’s air ducts.

    While a rag or broom helps, it is almost impossible to reach into compact ducts without professional tools and assistance. At Home Allegiance Heating & Air, we offer professional duct cleaning services in Hamilton Township, NJ and surrounding areas. Our veteran-owned business specializes in improving indoor air quality in our community. 

    What Does Cleaning The Air Ducts Involve?

    Cleaning air ducts requires more than pushing a vacuum nozzle as far into the metal tunnels as it will go. One of our experts will perform many tasks to improve your air ducts, including: 

    • Open vent doors
    • Inspect supply and return channels
    • Examine insulation and other components
    • Check for asbestos and more

    Our well-equipped technicians use high-powered HEPA vacuums. Below are steps we take in every home to ensure your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned. 

    • We use an extending soft-bristled brush to scrub stuck-on dirt off the thin metal sheets and fiberglass duct board.
    • If we find mold or mildew, we submit a sample for further inspection. 
    • We reinsulate access holes, seal cracks, and clean vent doors.
    • By the end of our cleaning session, your New Jersey air ducts will be spotless!

    The Benefits of Cleaning Ducts Regularly

    Dirty ducts alone may not cause health problems, but they do contribute to the home’s indoor air quality. Contaminants enter through many sources, from leaving the doors and windows open to reshuffling dusty surfaces. If there are high levels of allergens like pollen in the area, regular duct cleaning could also reduce the buildup.

    How could clean ducts make a difference in your home?

    • Lower dust levels help anyone with allergies to breathe easier
    • Cleaner air reduces the spread of respiratory illnesses
    • Regular cleaning controls infestations and fungal growth
    • Clear ducts increase efficiency without debris blocking airflow through the HVAC system
    • Better efficiency increases indoor air quality and eases the strain on the heating and cooling system 

    When Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

    Cleaning your air ducts every two to three years should be enough to harness all the benefits mentioned above. However, more frequent cleaning may become necessary in areas with lower air quality due to smokers, agricultural activity, nearby factories, or shedding pets.

    Other signs you need to schedule a cleaning service for your air ducts include the following:

    • Mold in your air vents
    • Strange smells
    • Seeing dust flowing from your unit’s vents
    • More dust settling on your home’s surfaces, especially near the vents
    • The room temperature not matching your thermostat setting 
    • Suddenly higher utility bills without a change in routine

    If you recently moved into, remodeled, or built a home, cleaning is also highly recommended.

    Would you like help from a highly skilled team that uses top-quality materials to keep your air duct systems in peak condition? Home Allegiance Heating & Air could be your HVAC’s greatest ally! Call us at (609) 375-8424 today for duct cleaning and other services in and around Hamilton Township, NJ.