Are you upgrading to a ductless AC system? Ductless cooling systems offer many advantages, from impressive energy efficiency to individual temperature control for different rooms. Ductless mini-split units also have a much different design and operation than traditional ducted systems, so you might wonder what you can expect from the installation. 

When you let our team at Home Allegiance Heating & Air install your new ductless air conditioning system, you can enjoy a seamless process that quickly provides your home with a modern, efficient cooling system. Here, we’ll go into more detail about what you expect from a typical installation service. 

Finding the Right Spot for the Indoor Unit

Ductless air conditioners work by having one unit inside and another outside. The outside unit sends refrigerant to the indoor unit, which it uses to cool the air in your home. 

Since your ductless system needs both components, your technicians will likely start the installation process by looking for a good spot for the indoor unit. Every home has a different layout and cooling needs, so your installation professionals will consider the following factors when finding the right location:

  • Airflow
  • Power requirements
  • Condensate drainage

Your technicians will also look for spots farther away from heat sources like stoves or direct sunlight. 

Finding the Right Spot for the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit for a ductless AC system can either sit on a level pad or be mounted to the house’s exterior wall. Your HVAC technician will find the most suitable spot for the unit by factoring in airflow, condensate drainage, and clearance requirements. 

Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Units

Once they install each part of the ductless system, your air conditioning professional can connect them using a power cable and two refrigerant pipes. 

Since one unit is outside and the other is inside, they will cut a small hole in your wall for the power cable and refrigerant pipes. This hole is usually only around three inches wide.

Pressurizing the Cooling System

Cooling professionals pressurize mini-split air conditioners after connecting the indoor and outdoor units while ensuring there are no leaks. This way, they can make necessary tweaks before moving on to the next step. 

Measuring the Refrigerant

Ductless AC units need the right amount of refrigerant to remove humidity and heat from the air so that they can effectively cool your home. That’s why one of the final steps is for the technicians to measure and weigh the refrigerant line.

Leave It to the Experts at Home Allegiance Heating & Air

When you leave your ductless AC system installation to the professionals, you don’t have to worry about much else. Still, our team believes in keeping customers in the know about every service we provide. So, if you have questions about your installation or what to expect afterward, don’t hesitate to ask!

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s air conditioning system? Call Home Allegiance Heating & Air at (609) 375-8424 today!

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