Protection Plan

    Be proactive, not reactive. Maintenance agreements are the sure way to proactively care for your home systems. We offer year-round maintenance on all heating and air conditioning systems. Join us today to start getting discounts on all future appointments with us.

    What Does The Protection Plan Come With?

    We agree to provide you with two(2) Precision Tune-Ups and Safety Inspections per year as described below to help provide a comfortable, energy efficient, and safe indoor environment.

    BENEFITS: – Priority Customer Status – Improved Efficiency – Extended Equipment Life – Improved Safety – Improved Capacity – Discount on system replacement – Basic condenser cleaning – Condensate drain flush

    PROCEDURES INCLUDE: – Clean or replace standard air filters (customer provided) – Inspect inside cooling coil if accessible – Inspect primary and secondary drains – Inspect blower and components and clean and/or adjust as necessary – Inspect condenser coil and clean as necessary – Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable) – Inspect and tighten loose electrical connections – Monitor air condition operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge – Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors – Monitor air conditioning and heating cycles – Inspect heat ex changer and burners (vacuum and/or adjust as necessary) – Adjust gas pressure as necessary – Inspect pilot operation and adjust as necessary – Monitor flue draft for safe operation – Inspect and test safety controls – Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise – Inspect heat anticipator settings – Inspect thermostat operation – Clean flame sensor – change humidifier pad and uv bulb ( customer provide)

    LADDER SERVICE: -If we are on site with our ladders we will change customer provided filters, light bulb or batteries in a smoke detector. -All material must be provided by the customer -We will not make a unique trip for these services

    What Does the Protection Plan Cost?

    For only $19.99 per month, you can get the system protection you need to ensure your home is cool or warm, whatever your preference may be, when you want it to be.