Your furnace normally heats your home and keeps it cozy during our frigid New Jersey winters. If your furnace has kicked the bucket, call Home Allegiance Heating & Air for furnace repair now!

    Home Allegiance Heating & Air proudly serves homeowners throughout the Hamilton Township area. To schedule furnace repair in Freehold, New Jersey, call us at (609) 375-8424.

    Signs That You May Need Furnace Repairs

    Common signs that you need an annual furnace tune-up include the following:

    ·       Your furnace isn’t blowing hot air anymore. This could indicate a problem with the blower motor, capacitor, or heat exchanger. The furnace repair cost for a heat exchanger isn’t cheap, but paying for a replacement part may be more affordable than replacing your furnace with a new unit.

    ·       Your furnace runs constantly, and your energy bills are through the roof. If you notice higher utility bills, especially during the winter months, the furnace’s limit switch, thermostat, or circuit board might need to be repaired or replaced.

    ·       The furnace won’t run at all. There could be a problem with your furnace’s flame sensor, which triggers a shutdown if it doesn’t detect a flame. It’s common for the sensor to fail from an accumulation of dust and soot, which blocks airflow.

    ·       You hear weird humming or tapping coming from the furnace. This often points to issues with the furnace’s draft inducer motor.

    ·       Your furnace’s pilot light is yellow instead of blue. This could indicate debris buildup on the burners or a gas leak.

    ·       Bad odors come from the furnace. It’s normal for furnaces to smell a little strange when you first turn them on for the season. But if you smell gas in the air, that’s a huge fire risk. Shut off your gas valve, leave your house, and make a service call to us immediately.

    If your furnace has stopped working, we can order any replacement parts needed, such as circuit boards, air filters, and a new flame sensor. Your furnace warranty may cover some or all of the repair costs.

    How much does furnace repair cost? That depends on what’s wrong with your heating system. Give us a call to get a repair cost estimate now.

    Heating Systems Our Furnace Repair Company Services

    Our technicians can fix all furnace models, including:

    ·       Electric furnaces

    ·       Gas furnaces

    ·       Heat pumps

    ·       Combination cooling and heating systems

    ·       Combination boilers

    ·       Ductless mini-splits

    Our Annual Furnace Maintenance Services

    Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your heating and air conditioning system in perfect working order. Plus, a furnace tune-up may be required to maintain warranty coverage for your unit. Maintenance will also cost you less than you’d pay to replace the furnace with a new model.

    Our maintenance service for furnaces includes:

    ·       Replacing your furnace’s filter to keep it operating at peak efficiency

    ·       Removing residue from the combustion chamber

    ·       Cleaning the flame sensor

    ·       Duct cleaning

    ·       Inspecting the flue pipe for holes

    ·       Testing burner efficiency

    ·       Cleaning floor vents

    Should You Consider Replacing Your Furnace?

    Thinking about replacing your old gas or electric furnace with a new model? It’s true that a replacement typically costs more than buying new furnace parts, but today’s high-efficiency furnaces pay for themselves in just a few years.

    A technician may suggest that you replace your furnace if it needs more than minor repairs. Here’s how to know whether it’s time to ditch your old furnace:

    ·       Is your furnace 15 to 20 years old? That’s about the time that your furnace might start needing frequent repairs. If your furnace breaks down more than a few times per year, it might be more cost-effective to replace it.

    ·       You’re paying a fortune to heat your home. When it comes to efficiency, today’s furnaces beat older models hands-down. You could slash hundreds of your heating bills by making the switch.

    ·       Your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide into your home. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, check the pilot flame. If it’s yellow, that’s a sign of a dangerous gas leak.

    Why Choose Home Allegiance Heating & Air for Furnace Repair?

    We know you have many furnace repair companies to pick from in Freehold. Here’s why you should call us for service if you need help with your furnace:

    ·       Our repair service experts undergo strict training, enabling them to diagnose any kind of problem with your furnace.

    ·       The last thing you want is to spend hours waiting for service when your furnace isn’t working. Our repair pros show up on time and will have your furnace working again quickly.

    ·       We offer transparent pricing for repairs with no hidden service fees.

    ·       We’re local, which means we understand the unique needs of customers in the Freehold area. If you need a new furnace, we can suggest the perfect model for your home and our New Jersey climate.

    Schedule Furnace Repairs, Replacement, or Routine Maintenance Service Now

    If you need furnace repairs in Freehold, Home Allegiance Heating & Air is just a phone call away. To get an estimate for furnace repair in Freehold, New Jersey, call us at (609) 375-8424.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a furnace last for 30 years?

    A furnace can last for 30 years if you keep it well-maintained. That means cleaning the ducts and vents, replacing the filter, and ensuring the thermostat works properly. If you don’t have time to mess with maintenance, let us handle the job.

    Can I clean my furnace myself?

    If your furnace only needs a light cleaning, it’s possible to handle it yourself. But if the furnace hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it will probably need a deep cleaning from a professional. This is a more involved process that can take three to four hours.

    What should a furnace smell like when you first turn it on?

    Furnaces often smell a bit musty when you first turn them on. You might also notice a slightly smoky odor. These odors should fade quickly, usually within an hour. If odors don’t go away or your furnace smells strongly of smoke, that’s a good sign that you need furnace repair in Freehold, New Jersey.