Summers in Upper Freehold are fairly mild and pleasant, with temps rarely rising above the upper 80s. However, some years bring intense heat waves that push temperatures even higher.

Under such circumstances, you want to click on your air conditioner and escape the outdoor extremes.

Home Allegiance Heating & Air ensures your unit can handle anything shifting weather throws your way with AC maintenance in Upper Freehold, NJ. Discover how this essential service could change your home for the better!

Our Air Conditioner Technicians Understand What Upper Freehold Households Need

As a resident of Upper Freehold, NJ you have no shortage of simple pleasures and luxuries to enjoy throughout the year.

A local glass of wine from Cream Ridge Winery might follow a sumptuous weekend brunch at The Skillet. You and your family might venture into nearby Allentown for other experiences.

No matter your schedule, nothing beats arriving home to a comfortable indoor environment. Home Allegiance Heating & Air helps you maintain your AC unit with annual services that prevent and address common cooling system concerns.

How AC Maintenance in Upper Freehold, NJ Benefits You

Any reputable HVAC professional will tell you that regular maintenance is essential for optimal cooling functions. So, why do numerous homeowners treat it as optional?

When they first install air conditioners, they get used to the new systems working flawlessly for the first few years.

However, a new air conditioner will inevitably develop problems the longer it goes without service. Scheduling air conditioner maintenance services from the jump protects your cooling system, helping it last longer.

You can also proactively protect your unit with the following air conditioner maintenance tips:

  • Monthly inspections: Block time out every month to visually inspect your air conditioner. You will become acquainted with how it normally looks and quickly identify visible signs of problems to come.
  • Filter replacements: Homeowners should replace their air filters every three months minimum while some households benefit from more frequent replacements.
  • Twice-yearly vent cleanings: Vent grates gather dust and fine dirt throughout the year. Washing them off allows more air to flow and improves indoor air quality.
  • Debris and clutter removal: Outdoor units become covered in cut grass and dead leaves while indoor units in storage areas might become surrounded by unused items. Remove the debris and clutter to ensure adequate airflow.
  • Daily vigilance: Don’t hesitate to contact our technicians the moment something seems amiss. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Professional and personal AC maintenance in Upper Freehold, NJ may lower your power bills, improve your comfort, and keep your indoor environment much healthier.

What You Get From Our Maintenance Services

What do our HVAC technicians do during a routine maintenance service? We developed a comprehensive air conditioner maintenance checklist that includes:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Drainline inspection and cleaning: The drainlines prevent condensation from building up and overflowing. Sometimes, these drains develop clogs from dust or household debris. We clear them out to prevent water damage.
  • Component inspection and tune-up: Blower motors and connected parts are key players in your air conditioner’s performance. We check, adjust, and lubricate each part as needed.
  • Electricity analysis: Sometimes, wire connections can loosen and become faulty. Other times, too much or too little power might flow through the system. We ensure the voltage and electrical input meet your cooling system’s demands.
  • Coil cleanings: Evaporator and condenser coils can become filthy from dust buildup. This buildup prevents them from performing as expected and puts more pressure on other parts. We dust and replace the coils for optimal performance.
  • Thermostat checkups: Your thermostat may need new batteries or a simple tune-up to effectively communicate with the HVAC units. Our technicians check for solid connections, ample battery life, and easy-to-read displays.

Many Upper Freehold residents schedule these services individually. However, we suggest purchasing our annual protection plan.

Membership offers numerous perks, including:

  • Two annual inspections and tune-ups.
  • Priority services.
  • Discounts on repairs and system replacements.

It all comes at an affordable monthly cost!

Home Allegiance Heating & Air Keeps Your Upper Freehold HVAC System Working Better for Longer

AC maintenance in Upper Freehold, NJ is just one phone call away! Contact Home Allegiance Heating & Air at 609-375-8424. You can also reach out via our convenient online form.

Prioritize your comfort, health, and bank account with consistent maintenance services for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system today!