Like any other heating system, an oil furnace needs a certain amount of upkeep to stay in good operating condition. Part of that upkeep includes monitoring and changing the unit’s oil. But how often do you replace the oil in a furnace?

How Often Does a Furnace Need New Oil?

A furnace needs to receive new oil about once a year. When you have a supply of clean, high-quality oil it helps the unit to work at its highest efficiency.

What Happens to the Condition of Furnace Oil Over Time?

The quality of oil deteriorates over time. It can take on bacteria, rust, sludge, and more. All of these materials can affect the energy efficiency of your furnace.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Regular Furnace Maintenance?

Regular furnace maintenance includes examining the condition of its oil and changing it if necessary. Also, a professional HVAC technician replenishes the oil level if it’s low.

During a maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician checks the moisture level on the walls of your furnace. A high moisture level can result in the unit’s rust and corrosion. The technician can recommend changes to reduce the amount of moisture on the interior of your furnace.

A furnace has air passages that should be free of dirt and debris. The technician checks those passages to ensure the air is flowing freely. If not, this professional can address the issue. A maintenance check also includes examining the oil tank for leaks. Changing a furnace’s oil filters is also a part of this regular maintenance.

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