Replacing your HVAC unit can be a costly endeavor, something you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s extremely beneficial to know in advance when is the best time to take the leap.

You may need to get a new HVAC unit for various reasons. Your current system might be old or operating inefficiently. It could be causing a costly increase in energy usage or frequently requiring expensive repairs. These are all factors you have to evaluate, and when the additional expenses begin to outweigh the replacement costs, it’s time to pull the trigger. Hopefully, once you’ve made the decision, there is still enough life left in your old system to wait for the most opportune time to replace it. Regardless of the reason you are considering a new unit, you should delay the purchase until the off-season if at all possible.

Why Should You Wait Until the Off-Season to Replace Your HVAC Unit?

The summer and winter months are considered the high seasons for HVAC systems because these are the times when the equipment is in the greatest demand. Since consumers can’t really afford to be without these devices in extreme weather conditions, the price of HVAC units skyrockets.

Plus, at these times of year, HVAC companies experience their most hectic schedules. It can sometimes be difficult to get someone to fix your unit, let alone make arrangements to install a new one.

During the off-season, you should be able to find units cheaper, which makes it the prime time to switch out your equipment. Many HVAC companies mark down their equipment at this time, and you could save 25% to 50% on a new system. A discounted price isn’t guaranteed, but it’s more likely when buying a new unit during the mild seasons when they aren’t in high demand.

Insights and Takeaways

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