Hillsborough has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers that range up to the mid-80s in temperature and cool winters that sometimes fall below 18 degrees. However, record highs and lows of 105 and -16 degrees, respectively, demand functioning cooling and heating units that turn on the moment you need them. Ensure this is with regular HVAC services in Hillsborough, NJ.

Your specialists at Home Allegiance Heating & Air know you don’t want to risk riding out extreme temperatures without assistance, especially if you have a unit you thought was ready for action. Get its functionality back on track by trusting our years of experience and five-star customer service with maintenance, repairs, and replacements. 

AC Installation and Maintenance in Hillsborough, NJ

Unless you’re incorporating new ductwork into your home, an AC installation doesn’t take more than a few hours with a competent crew. During the process, our HVAC technicians uninstall your original unit, and unlike most of our competitors, we take the extra time to measure the square footage of the space you want to cool. By doing so, we uncover the appropriately-sized unit that’ll produce sufficient cool air without short or long cycling that would otherwise become an issue. 

We also relay air conditioning unit types, from central duct systems to ductless mini-splits, window, wall, and portable units, alongside favorite manufacturing brands like Lennox and Trane. Once we determine what’s best for your residence, we’ll install it with high-quality workmanship. 

AC Repair in Hillsborough, NJ

An AC repair in Hillsborough, NJ, is something residents put off, especially if their units are still functioning despite rising unusual behavior. However, upon noticing anything from alarming banging, rumbling, or buzzing sounds to exhaust or gas fumes coming from the unit, call for repairs. This solution prevents issues from extending to other internal parts, needing a heftier fix or replacement. Other symptoms that call for our repair HVAC services in Hillsborough, NJ, include:

  • Low refrigerant levels or leaking Freon around your unit
  • Pooling water or visible drip
  • Little to no airflow or warm air escaping the vents
  • The thermostat not turning on or affecting the AC unit
  • Trouble turning or staying on
  • Long cycling that keeps the unit running too long

AC Replacement in Hillsborough, NJ

As your unit nears the end of its 10 to 15-year lifespan, internal parts become irreversibly worn, meaning even frequent repairs won’t keep it functioning up to par. Rather than continuously paying for minor repairs that only do so much, stalling the inevitable, spring for a newer model that’ll promise high energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, allowing the system to pay for itself in the long run. During an AC replacement in Hillsborough, NJ, our experienced team removes the old unit and installs a new one with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.