A squeaking AC is not only annoying, but it can also be a sign that you have some issues that need to be addressed. In some cases, your AC will squeak slightly when it is first turned on for the summer season, but it should stop making any noises after it has been running for a few minutes. If it continues to squeak, you are likely dealing with one of the following issues.

Worn Fan Belt

Older air conditioners use a belt to drive the fan motor, similar to a fan belt in a car. Over time this belt can become worn and stretched due to regular use and exposure to heat and moisture. Once the fan frays or otherwise becomes damaged, it can misalign and start to make a squeaking noise. The good news is that this issue is fairly easy to fix. Our team can easily replace the belt, but it’s important to act quickly to avoid any further issues.

Worn Condenser Fan Bearings

Most of the latest ACs don’t have belts. Instead, they use bearings to spin the condenser fan. However, these bearings wear out with time. One of the first signs of worn-out bearing is a loud squealing sound from the AC. Address this issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Continuing to use an AC with worn bearings will damage the AC’s motor and eventually lead to a complete AC breakdown.

A squeaking AC can be a problem in the house. You want a comfortable and peaceful place to relax with your family. If you notice any type of noise from your AC, have it repaired immediately. A professional HVAC technician can find the source of the problem and offer you options for moving forward with a repair. Here at Home Allegiance Heating & Air, we provide repairs for all types of air conditioners in Hamilton Township and the surrounding area. Our team also provides heating services and maintenance agreements for both heating and cooling systems. Reach out to us today to set up an appointment.

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